Mini Matchplay event – Saturday 11th November
Pincadia: 14 Logan Rd, Wooloongabba

Doors open 9am
Registration from 9.30am
Qualifying starts from 10am

Introducing Brisbane’s newest pinball arcade and their first pinball tournament!

Once registration has closed, the Matchplay software will randomly allocate everyone into a group of 4 players, as well as 3 different machines, also chosen at random.
Players will play the machines and play order as specified by Matchplay. There will be no warm up on the machines before each game.
After each round, players will be assigned groups for the following round, until 4 rounds have been completed (12 games each).
Points for each game will be awarded as follows:
1st – 7 2nd – 4 3rd – 2 4th – 0
The top 8 players on points won will advance to the finals. There will be no playoff for any placings, with the exception of a tie for 8th place.

Top 8 players advance to finals where a further 3 game round will take place in 2 groups of 4. Players will be assigned as follows: 1-2-7-8 & 3-4-5-6.
The Matchplay software will allocate the machines and play order for each game once again
After 3 games have been completed using the same points scoring during qualifying, the Top 2 players in each group will advance to the final round. There will be a one game playoff on a machine selected at random for any ties for 2nd place in either group.
In the final round, points from the first round of finals will carry through for all 4 players.
The winner will be the person who has won the most points from the 2 rounds of finals.

This will be an IFPA endorsed event (pending)

Players can register via here at AA, the Facebook event page, at the venue or via the Tournament Director – Jason Lambert.

Maximum players will be 48.

Entry fee is $30 and includes a drink. Children under 18 are welcome to play in this event, however must be accompanied by a parent or suitable guardian at all times.

Current machine list:
Orbit 1 (Hankin)
The Simpsons Pinball Party
Ghostbusters Premium
Rocky & Bullwinkle
Doctor Who
Star Wars (Data East – updated ROM)
Austin Powers
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Addams Family
The Twilight Zone
Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Walking Dead Premium
Attack From Mars (Remake)
Medieval Madness (Remake)

Machine line up is scheduled to change. Some of these machines may not be included in the competition on the day